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Marla Santino

Animal Healer/Communicator

It has just been in the past few decades that science has caught on to the fact that animals not only have emotions but they have a spirit as well. Animal behavior is not just driven by instinct it is also proven to be driven by feelings and desires, fears and needs.


Animals are able to communicate with humans who are open to the telepathic connection. They understand your intentions, emotions, images, or thoughts behind the words, even if the words themselves aren’t totally understood by the pet.


These pets, both living and past, often long to communicate with their humans.


Marla has had the ability to communicate with animals since her childhood. Hearing their thoughts and receiving their messages. It is an oh so common story about having a special gift since she could remember.


Marla learned this special gift was not shared by all so it was shelved until it revealed itself again during her adult years. It was after spending time with a Native American group who is very open to these abilities, that Marla realized her sensitivity to energy and spirit was a gift available to be nurtured. It has been her honor to strengthen and grow these abilities to serve animals and their people around the globe.


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