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Out of Body Experience (OBE) & Lucid Dreaming Intensive Course!

Date & Time: Stay tuned for the next course in 2023. 

Where: Online thru Zoom

Class Instructor: Sharon Sananda Kumara

In this course you'll learn/remember how conscious out of body exploration can greatly accelerate your spiritual & personal growth.

Join experienced & accomplished Out of Body Explorer & Lucid Dreaming practitioner Sharon S. Kumara as she facilitates this course with you.  Sharon has been consciously astral traveling since the year 2000 and has documented thousands of Out of Body Experiences & Lucid Dreams.  


We will meet Live online on the scheduled dates & you will also receive continued guidance throughout your OBE & Lucid Dreaming practice via a private forum to connect & communicate with the course participants & facilitators.

Did you know that having conscious Out of Body Experiences /Astral Projections and becoming Lucid/awake in your dreams can catapult your psychic/intuitive abilities, as well as awaken you to your multi-dimensional selves?

Learning to be conscious of your multi dimensional self within you will create an awakening that goes far beyond this physical dimension.

In this course you'll learn/remember how conscious non-physical exploration will greatly accelerate your spiritual & personal progress.

You'll be presented the many facets of the Out of Body Experience (OBE) and lucid dream experience, and how to attain the 'out of body' state.

We will be focusing on the easiest OBE/Projection & Lucid Dreaming methods during our exercises. Exercises/techniques both Preston & I have learned and continue to use consistently for decades.

Here are some things you can achieve thru OBE's:

Conscious, clear connection with deceased loved ones & your Guides & Angels, alleviate fear of death, experience higher/inner dimensions, travel to anywhere on the planet and other planets and galaxies & universes, experience past and future lives, visit people and places within the physical plane and have it verified, greatly enhance your psychic/intuitive abilities...the list goes on.

“To experience spiritual liberation we must transcend the labyrinth of form.” William Buhlman author of Adventures Beyond The Body and other books.

Investment is TBD at the next scheduling.

The Zoom link will be sent to paid attendees thru Eventbrite.

This event will be recorded if you can't attend live.

What to bring to the live meetings:

An Open mind

A journal or notebook to record your experiences during the exercises.

Watch these short videos:

About your facilitator:

Sharon Sananda Kumara bio:

Sharon has been a conscious out of body experiencer & lucid dreamer since intentionally inducing OBE's in the year 2000. Sharon has & continues to document thousands of out of body experiences.

Sharon has a successful practice in the Portland area as a Psychic-Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Therapy, Channel, Speaker, Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher & Student, Minister, Paranormal Investigator & the founder of The Kumara Academy of Transformation & Light Journeys Metaphysical Faire. Sharon has been helping people remember their True Self since 2004. Sharon is the co-author of the Orb Sisters Oracle of Orbs Oracle Cards found on Etsy.   

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