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Pre-Sale NOW!! Book IS Officially PUBLISHED on JUNE 21, 2024

Awakened Soul
My Near-Death Journey Home Through
Christ's Infinite Love

In "Awakened Soul: My Near-Death Journey Home Through Christ's Infinite Love" we follow the extraordinary story of Sharon, a woman whose life was forever changed by a harrowing accident.

After a tragic fall from a moving bus that left her crushed and lifeless, Sharon found herself journeying through realms beyond imagination. In the moments between life and death, she was greeted by a familiar presence—Jesus himself. With his guiding hand, Sharon embarked on a remarkable voyage to a water world known as Opus.

As Sharon traversed the ethereal landscapes of Opus, she discovered a profound connection to this distant planet—a connection that stirred memories deep within her soul. With Jesus as her companion, she explored the wondrous sights and sounds of Opus, encountering beings of light and experiencing a sense of belonging unlike anything she had ever known. This is only one of the fascinating and transformative experiences shared.

Explore the unseen realms, understand the workings of soul retrievals and witness an unshakable bond with Christ that transcends all dimensions.

Prepare to be captivated by Sharon's extraordinary journey and inspired by the profound truths she uncovers in the celestial realms beyond our own.


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