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About the Kumara Academy of Transformation

Welcome to The Kumara Academy of Transformation. 

My name is Sharon Sananda Kumara, the founder of The Academy.  The Academy is dedicated to the Ascended Master Sananda Kumara, also known as Jesus/Yeshua.  Sananda Kumara helped me through very difficult times during the year 1999 - 2003, basically saving my life.  Therefore, this Academy is dedicated to Him in Gratitude of his Teachings that we are Love and that Love is all that exists.    

The Academy's focus is on Metaphysical teachings & sharing's.  Our goal is to offer many different courses & presentations, as well as different practitioner offerings.  

Please look around and enjoy yourself.  We are a work in progress, so am always adding new content & courses, practitioners & offerings.  

Thank you for your presence on the planet and for being here! 

With Much Love!

Sharon Kumara





The Kumara Academy is an Accredited Institute with the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA).  

The Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation is a third-party verification of an organization’s educational standards. It adds another layer of credibility and provides prospective students with a basis for confidence in the quality of an organization’s curriculum, instructional approach, and recording-keeping policies. Metaphysical organizations are encouraged to add accreditation to enhance their reputation for excellence in educational standards.


What Types of Organizations May Be Accredited by IMPA?

IMPA accredits quality organizations that teach metaphysically-related topics that fit into the broad metaphysics field including, but not limited to, general metaphysics, Metaphysical Science, psychic development, Reiki and other holistic and energy healing modalities, aromatherapy, hypnosis, homeopathy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coaching, paranormal and parapsychology courses, and others. Additionally, practitioners who also teach may get accreditation for their courses.  When IMPA accredits an organization, it is literally putting its reputation on the line. Since IMPA values its reputation highly, it must ensure high quality standards in the organizations it accredits.

The Kumara Academy of Transformation Code of Ethics

1. Do No Harm; Do Right
Members must work for the highest good and empowerment of all concerned; they must do no harm.
2. Non-Discrimination
Members must not advocate or express hatred or discrimination towards other people or classes for any 
3. Disclosure and Informed Consent
Members must represent themselves, their qualifications, fees, and advertising truthfully, and must gain 
informed consent before rendering services for clients.
4. Client Confidentiality
Members must preserve client confidentiality under all circumstances unless otherwise required by law.
5. Professional Integrity
Members must maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct in the metaphysical field, and never exploit, control, manipulate, or mistreat clients, colleagues, or anyone else; nor misrepresent research data.
6. Professional Discretion
Members must practice with full presence of mind, never practice beyond the scope of their training, 
qualifications, and abilities; uphold the right to refuse or refer a client if necessary; and never diagnose or 
prescribe unless legally licensed.
7. Professional Presentation
Members must maintain a professional and orderly appearance of both their person and their practice. 
8. Professional Boundaries
Members must maintain professional boundaries with clients; and avoid conflicts of interest, over-familiarity, and sexual harassment.
9. Legal Conformity and Insurance
Members must comply with all state and federal laws, and maintain Professional Liability Insurance where 
available for their practice.
10. Record Keeping
Members must maintain clear, honest, and factual client records for a minimum of seven years.
11. Continuing Education and Contributions to the Field
Members must maintain a positive attitude toward life-long learning, and are encouraged to contribute to the field and to humanity, each in their own unique way.
12. Metaphysical Teachers and Educational Organizations
Members who teach must teach with professionalism, integrity, insight, and respect for the higher good and benefit of their students.


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