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3rd Eye, Clairvoyance & Inner Vision Activation & Development Class

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Date & Time: Stay tuned for this next class in 2023.

Where: Online thru Zoom

Class Instructor(s): Sharon Sananda Kumara 

Do you have difficulty with clear vision, or feel you might not have any inner vision, and also might lack clarity with life's decisions? If so, your 3rd eye, clairvoyance & brow chakra is more than likely in need of awakening & activation.

Clear inner sight is essential for all areas of our daily lives & also for clear connection to the Inner Realms. Clear connection to the inner realms is a tremendous help in our daily life.

Awakening, activating & continuing to develop your 3rd eye or clairvoyance/clear sight will open up your Inner Gates so you can access the inner realms.  The inner realms are filled with personal Healing, Universal Wisdom & Immense Beauty.

Clearing away what could be holding your inner vision 'hostage' will provide clarity in your life now...will also allow for healing any past situations & emotional blocks. All of this clears the way for accessing & creating your best possible future!

During this live class you will be guided thru & receive activation meditations & tools, as well as an abundance of information on the relationship of the Brow chakra/3rd eye to our Spiritual & Personal Growth.

Class Investment TBD at next scheduling.  Register here thru Eventbrite.

This class will be recorded for anyone that isn't able to attend live.

About your facilitator:
Sharon Sananda Kumara has been helping clients with her gifts & abilities as a Psychic-Medium, Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Therapy, Channel of Higher Energies, Spirit Rescuer & teacher of Metaphysical Courses since her NDE in 2001. Sharon consciously works closely with Galactics, Angels, Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters.


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