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Akashic Records Explorations w/
Healing Past Life Karmic Programming

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Date & Time: TBD Coming Soon

Where: Online thru Zoom

Class Instructor: Sharon Sananda Kumara


Join us in this online class for an evening of Akashic Records Exploration where we will focus on Past or other Lifetimes that are presented for clearing & healing any karmic patterns & programs brought into your current life that no longer serve you.

In this class you will be guided to remember & understand your Soul Groups, your agreements with the individuals within your soul groups & why you've made these agreements with your-self & different individuals & situations.

You will also be able to heal and clear any energetic patterns within agreements that are hindering your soul growth and all involved.

Past Life Discovery can give you immense clarity with your current life experience.

Sharon will begin with performing some past life readings for those in the class, to assist with the connection & healing process. She will then lead you through guided meditations that will help you access your own past life memories and if needed, clear & release any karmic programs & patterns, fostering immense healing.

You will learn how to access your past Lives on your own, and also learn this uncomplicated and highly effective method for healing unresolved past life patterns.

We are all naturally able to facilitate our own healing, it's just a matter of remembering how.

Investment: Only $44 for this 3 hour intensive class . Get a discount by signing up for my email list. Email list members receive discounts on various events. Email for the discount code and ask to be added to my list by putting "PAST LIFE DISCOUNT" in the subject of the email.

Register at Eventbrite here.

This event will be recorded if you can't attend live.

There are no refunds unless the event is cancelled by the facilitator. 

About your facilitator, Sharon Sananda Kumara:

Sharon Kumara is a modern day Mystic, Starseed, & Channel. Sharon works closely with Higher Energy Beings such as Ascended Teachers, Archangels & Galactic Light Beings who are working with the planet Terra/Earth & humanity. Her mission is to help wherever she can for the Great Awakening or Shift into the New Earth. She became aware of her mission following her 2nd NDE in 2001.

Sharon has a full time professional practice as an Intuitive & Spiritual Counselor, Psychic-Medium & Hypnotherapist specializing in Akashic Record Past Life Therapy in the Portland, OR area. Sharon is the founder of the Kumara Academy of Transformation & teaches various Metaphysical courses. The Academy is accredited thru International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA). She is also the founder of Light Journeys Metaphysical Faires, hosting regular Psychic & Healing Faires in the Portland, OR area..

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