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Date & Time: October 21, 2023 10am PDT & CDT/1pm EDT - 12pm PDT & CDT/3pm EDT

Where: Online thru Zoom

Class Instructor: Kim O'Rear

This is a sponsored Kumara Academy Certification Class!

Are you feeling frustrated, confused, lost, but know there is so much more for you? You have gifts you want to use, but lack confidence and knowing?

This is great because that means you are seeking! You are on the path of Self-Discovery and you want to know yourself fully, so that you can shine in your innate traits, which gives you the most fulfillment.

Your Energetic Signature answers the question, Who Am I, in a more detailed, profound way. Using the Spiritual tools Enneagram, Astrology, and Chakras, you will learn:

What Excites You?

What Drives You?

What Arouses Fear?

What Threatens You?

How Do You Emotionally React?

and the Power of Your Soul Self!

Who is this class for?

Your Soul chose to have an Earthly experience in the body and mind you are in, right now.

Your Soul came into your specific personality, your unique recipe.

BUT, the Earth plane experience includes having an ego, which also includes free will.

We wanted to know what it was like to have an ego that could make choices from fear and without love (otherwise we would be robots).

With this ego, comes feeling pain, trauma, not being understood, hurt, and harm.

These feelings cause us to LOSE OUR TRUE, AUTHENTIC IDENTITY.

The Good News? Our Soul Self never stops pursuing us. We have an innate pull to live in our Highest Authentic Expression, our Energetic Signature.

It is impossible to live in our Signature, if we do not know ourselves.

Your Energetic Signature is your weapon and your art.

Being YOU, Understanding, Celebrating, and Honoring YOU, your strengths and weaknesses, is where you will find your peace, love, joy, and power that can weather any feeling or situation, anything external or even internal.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within YOU!

When: Oct 21, 2023 10 am - 12 pm CDT & PDT

How Much: your Investment for this 2 hour profound class is only $44  Register @ Eventbrite here

Where: Live on Zoom Video - The Zoom link will be sent to registered participants thru Eventbrite

This class is recorded for any registrants that aren't able to attend Live.

This class is sponsored by The Kumara Academy of Transformation and is an Academy Certification Class.  The student will receive a Certificate of Completion when completing the class.  

About your facilitator:

Kim O'Rear is a Relational Soul Coach, Author of Soul Curriculum, Founder of HeartWorkU, and Coming Soon: Saguaro Soul Children’s Book Series - I Believe in Your Resilience.

Kim has recovered from childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, debilitating shame, xanax addiction, self-doubt, disempowered dating and relationships, religious realizing her power, embracing her purpose and Authentic Soul Energetic Signature.


Life Coach Training and Advanced Life Coach Training from the

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, AZ.

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with Master's Level Training from

Grand Canyon University

NICBM - Internal Family Systems training

Intuitive Development Center, Phoenix, AZ

Mediumship Certification from Kumara Academy

Reiki Training - The Reiki Academy, Phoenix AZ


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