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8 Day Automatic Writing & Channeling Development Course w/Channeling Demo's & Messages

We will meet live thru Zoom on May 23, May 26, & May 30, 2024 @ 5pm PST - 7:30pm PST!


You will also have access to a private forum for course members to connect, share & practice your channeling skills in between live classes.

Join us online for this workshop designed for conscious connection to your Higher Self & Higher Guides & Angels who wish to work with you on your conscious level & bring through messages of Love and Support.

You will learn to channel through automatic writing and voice channeling.

We are all channels for Source energy. In this course, you will learn to focus and connect to your Highest Guidance for guidance & messages of Love and Healing for yourself and others.

The exercises in this workshop will help you with expanding your consciousness as well as purifying your energies.

This workshop will cover: preparation for channeling, attunement to higher/inner energies, discernment, grounding, intention, how to channel for others and more.

Sharon will also demonstrate with voice channeling from High Energy Beings with messages of Love, Guidance and Healing & include a Q&A segment during the channeling.

A Bonus class will be offered at the end of the course for Advanced channeling techniques!

Only $84.00 investment for the whole course.  Register here thru Eventbrite.

My email list members receive a discount for various classes. So, if you are not on my email list, email with 'Channeling Class Discount Code' in the subject & I will add you to my email list & share the discount code with you.

The Zoom link will be provided to paid attendees.

This course will be recorded for those aren't able to attend live.

About your instructor: Sharon Sananda Kumara has been a conscious channel for Higher Beings since the year 2003 following her NDE. She has brought through hundreds of messages of love and healing for her clients, for groups, as well as for her own personal growth through voice channel and automatic writing. She has a practice as a Psychic-Medium & hypnotherapist, specializing in Past Life Therapy in the Portland, OR area. Sharon is the founder of Kumara Academy of Transformation which is accredited thru International Metaphysical Practitioners Association (IMPA). 


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