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Academy Certification Spirit Rescue Course






Date & Time: Jan 14 - Jan 28, 2024

Where: Online thru Zoom with a dedicated forum

Class Instructor(s): Sharon Sananda Kumara 

This is an online Accredited Kumara Academy Certification Course.


Become a Psycho-pomp with performing the much needed service of Spirit Rescue!  Help Lost & Confused Spirits Cross Over - People & Animals!

We meet live Jan 14, 21 & 28 at 5:00 - 7:30 PM PT each date.  This course also includes a dedicated private forum for class participants & the facilitator to connect, practice & communicate in between live classes.

An overview - When someone dies suddenly & traumatically, or with unfinished business, or in fear of being judged, etc, the personality can get stuck between our earthly dimension and the spirit world. What happens is they remain focused on the Earth plane. It is critical for these spirits to be guided across into the Golden Light so they can be reunited with the OverSoul and be able to move forward on their Spiritual journey.

Unfortunately, our society is inundated with all kinds of fears when it comes to Earthbound spirits.  When in actuality, these spirits are simply people (or any other sentient being) that is usually lost, confused, still in fear from trauma at death, or for other various reasons, and need help.

I learned about helping earthbound spirits around 2002 when I was opening up to my psychic abilities. This work was confirmed when I started paranormal investigating with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). I heard at least one voice call out for help on almost all of my recordings. I couldn’t ignore that, so began recording spirit rescues. I was astonished to hear voices with amazing confirmations of relief, emotion & gratitude as they were guided into the Light.

The Monroe Institute in Virginia teaches a week long program on Spirit Rescue work. The Program is called Lifeline. The Institute understands the importance of this work. I know now that this work is critical for the expansion & enlightenment of our collective consciousness.

The number of earthbound beings is innumerable. And it also saddens me to realize that because of humanity’s cruelty to the animal kingdom, that the number of earthbound animals who have died tragically are growing and who are still traumatized and need help.

This is a course to become a Spirit Rescuer also known as a Psycho-pomp.  You do not need to have any psychic-mediumship experience. All that is required is the willingness to be able to achieve a light trance state and trust what you are getting.

Graduates of this course will receive an Academy Certification of Completion and be invited to be part of a private Spirit Rescue group where we focus on rescuing groups of animals & people that have died tragically.

Recommended reading to learn more about Spirit Rescue and preparation for this Course is Bruce Moen’s Book The Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook - A Manual for the Art of Retrieval. You can find it on

Your investment to learn this very important skill is only $94.  Note that email list members receive discounts for various classes & courses. Go here to be added to our email list.  Email me at if you are on my list & haven't seen a discount code for this course. 


Register at Eventbrite.

The course will be recorded for anyone who can't attend the live version.

Refund Policy: no refunds unless the course is canceled by the facilitator. 

About your facilitator:

Sharon Sananda Kumara is a Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Therapy, Spiritual Counselor, Channel, Speaker, Teacher/Student, Psycho-pomp (Spirit Rescuer), Paranormal Photographer & Investigator.  She is the Founder of Light Journeys Healing & Psychic Faire & The Kumara Academy of Transformation. Sharon hosts a YouTube channel - Ascension with Sharon Kumara.   Sharon consciously channels and works closely with Angels, Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters ever since her 2nd NDE (Near Death Experience) in 2001. She has since been guided to utilize her gifts to help others heal & realize their true Self.

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